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Why the Future is for Google+ and Google Plus Marketing?

google plus marketingGoogle, being the father of all search engines, now has its own social networking site. So, why not use Google+ to kick start your marketing campaign, to good effect?

In this article, we will go through the different ways Google+ can be used to market your product.

One of the keys to the success of your marketing plan on Google+ is to have a lot of +1s to the page. That’s the only way, the word can be spread about your campaign.

The first step in getting people to like (or in this case +1) your page is to fill it with appropriate content, content which they would like to see and appreciate. Optimizing and filling your page with information and posts about what you are trying to do and your products or services will go a long way in aiding people to understand the campaign and adding you to their Circles. No one would want to open a page with no info, would they?  They need conviction that your profile or page is something they shouldn’t miss. So use this as an opportunity to post frequently and keep your profile fresh.

Promoting your Google+ page on other networking sites will also go a long way in the marketing campaign. This way, you can also import your contacts from other social networking sites like Facebook to your Google+ circle.

Customizing your URL with keywords which can catch people’s attention is key as well. Google+ allows you to customize your own URL and that way, you can create your online brand and make your presence felt.

Linking your Google + account to your website is another great way to shift the traffic to your Google+ profile, thus offering you the opportunity to communicate with your prospective customers in a more personal manner.

It is important to make sure that your customers are kept well informed. Using Google+ features like Google+ Events to announce dates for upcoming promotions is a good idea. Go ahead and use the options to make your events public so that anyone and everyone can view it. What’s more, it integrates with your calendar on Gmail, thus enabling you and your customers to keep track as well.

Using other Google features like Hangouts to show your followers and others in the same industry or sphere to show them you are interested in them as much as they are in you.

A perfect campaign is one in which people feel connected and want to be loyal to your brand. So be patient and your campaign will do wonders!


Quick Google Plus Marketing Guide and How to Use it For Business Pages

Check up the infographics below for a quick overview on Google Plus and the importance of it for business pages:

google plus marketing guide


Google Plus Vs. Facebook – Anaysis and Comparison

We will compare below Google Plus with Facebook just to prove that Google+ features are as great as Facebook if not better!

google plus vs facebook


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(Check the official wikipedia of Google Plus here).

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